Tree & Shrub Care

There are thousands of insect species and diseases that are attracted to trees and shrubs. Many cause little to no damage or aesthetics issues, but some can cause lasting damage or contribute to the demise of the tree or plant itself. These dangerous pests and diseases require professional intervention from a trained and licensed arborist.

Property inspections, detections, identifications, and diagnosis by our technicians and certified arborists will help prevent potential problems from ever occurring. Our recommended treatment program will not only aid in the health and appearance of your landscaping but can help save your trees from unnecessary damage.

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Fully Customized Healthcare Plans for Trees & Shrubs

Our certified arborists will provide a Personalized Prescription Health Care program designed around your specific trees and their respective conditions. 

Specialized Tree & Shrub Care Program

If you are looking for the best way to protect your trees and shrubs in Michigan, look no further than our comprehensive tree and shrub care program. We offer foliar insecticide and fungicide sprays to help control a broad range of common insect and disease problems. We recommend one of our specialized foliar application programs for best results.

We also offer deep-root feeding for all your ornamental trees and shrubs. Deep-root feeding is a very beneficial service that is part of our program for the fertilization of trees and shrubs. Generally, this application is done in the fall with a low, steady release of nitrogen that is high in phosphorus and potash. This application helps to build a strong root system within the trees and shrubs, keeping them healthy and well-fed for months.

For winter protection we offer an anti-desiccant liquid foliar application to reduce winter drying and damage.

All of our arborists and technicians always follow Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) safety procedures. We properly diagnose, identify, and treat target pests and fungus using I.P.M. Once we have established your individual tree and shrub care needs, we communicate our diagnosis to you and treat accordingly, keeping you informed every step of the way. 


Our Standard Tree & Shrub Care Program Includes:

  • One (1) foliar dormant oil application
  • Four (4) foliar insecticide/miticide applications
  • One (1) deep-root fertilization of the landscape
  • One (1) anti-desiccant application
  • Monitoring and analysis by a certified technician every application

Specialized Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance Programs

For many trees and shrubs, our Specialized Tree and Shrub Program will be sufficient to treat disease and prevent future issues from occurring. The Specialized Tree and Shrub Program offers foliar insecticide and fungicide sprays to control a broad range of insect and disease problems. In most cases, a specialized maintenance program designed around the specific tree is required to renew your tree and shrubs to their original health. Our Specialized Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance Program can help but is not limited to the following trees and issues:

  • Apple Scab Program

    Apple Scab is a fungus that is spread by weather and insects. This program is specifically designed to help reduce the Apple Scab fungus and keep it from spreading. Foliar fungicide applications are recommended to suppress Apple Scab.

  • American Elm Program

    Dutch Elms Disease affects American Elm Trees. The fungus grows under the bark. A fungicide injection is recommended to suppress the disease.

  • Austrian Pine Program

    Diplodia Tip Blight is a fungus that affects Austrian Pines. Foliar fungicide applications are used to suppress the spread of Diploidia. Also recommended is maintenance control by the homeowner by removing fallen cones and needles from the base of the tree.

  • Birch Program

    Birch Trees have two potential problems in Michigan landscapes – Leaf Miner and Birch Borer. These insects can cause not only defoliation but also the death of the trees. This program consists of foliar spray applications for control of Leaf Miner and an injection to control Birch Borer.

  • Euonymus and Magnolia Program

    Euonymus and Magnolias are subject to scale insect problems at any time of the season. The Euonymus and Magnolia Program is a series of foliar spray applications strategically scheduled during the season.

  • Leaf Blight Program

    Leaf Blight is a potentially deadly fungus that quickly attacks multiple species of trees. Leaf Blight lesions appear on the leaf tissue and quickly move to infect the entire branch. The Leaf Blight Program consists of foliar applications of an anti-biotic and fungicide. Severe cases may also require a Mauget injection.

  • Ornamental Pear Program

    Rust disease affecting Pear Trees. We spray a fungicide on the leaf tissue to prevent the fungus from taking hold.

  • Spruce & Fir Program

    Needle cast has become an issue in the area. It requires multiple sprays to protect the foliage of the trees.

  • White Pine Program

    Applications of a foliar fungicide are applied for control of needle fungi. For control of insects, a combination of foliar spraying and soil soaking application is required.